Kingdom of Galifar

The Kingdom of Galifar was an empire which claimed authority over the entire continent of Khorvaire. Its territory was divided into more than a dozen different nations during the course of the century-long Last War, a dynastic dispute between the five heirs of King Jarot, the last ruler of united Galifar.

The kingdom took its name from the conqueror Galifar, who united five separate nations (Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Thrane, and Karrnath) under a single monarchy centuries ago. According to Galifaran royal tradition, the five eldest children of the monarch governed one of these five nations for their royal parent; when the King or Queen passed on, the eldest of these heirs would assume the throne. Their siblings might continue to govern as regent if the new King or Queen’s own children were not yet of age, but would eventually step aside.

A century ago, upon King Jarot’s death, his daughter Mishann of Cyre was the legal heir to the throne of Galifar. Some of her siblings, however, challenged her as weak and unfit to rule; eventually, all five of Jarot’s children asserted their right to the throne, and the succession dispute escalated into a war that lasted nearly a hundred years and ended only after Cyre was annihilated on the Day of Mourning.

The Last War appears to have struck a fatal blow to the concept of a single Kingdom of Galifar. Not only have the regional identities of the Five Nations grown into fervent nationalisms during the course of the war, but a half-dozen new nations have asserted themselves as independent polities through war or diplomacy. It seems impossible for any one nation to ever dominate the continent of Khorvaire again, as Galifar did at its height.

Kingdom of Galifar

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