Geography of Khorvaire

Khorvaire is a broad continent, five thousand miles from east to west, containing more than a dozen different nations.

The continent of Khorvaire

The Five Nations

Once constituent parts of the Kingdom of Galifar, the Five Nations have been forever divided by the Last War. Cyre, now known as the Mournland, was devastated by an unexplained magical cataclysm on the Day of Mourning. The four remaining nations – Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, and Thrane – have each been ravaged by the course of the war to greater or lesser degrees, and most have lost large swathes of territory either to each other or to the independent nations recognised by the Treaty of Thronehold that formally ended the war.

The Other Nations

Many of the remaining nations of Khorvaire were established in the traditional homelands of various non-human races:

  • Darguun was established by the goblin races in what was once, thousands of years ago, the heartlands of the Empire of Dhakaan.
  • The Mror Holds was a semi-independent dwarven nation bound to Galifar, and considered the relationship nullified when that kingdom broke up.
  • The halflings of the Talenta Plains had always enjoyed a certain amount of self-determination, but the Treaty of Thronehold made their independence official.
  • Valenar was carved out of Cyre by treachery; the Tairnadal elves had come from Aerenal to fight as mercenaries, but unexpectedly claimed a right to lands which their ancestors had conquered from the goblins millennia ago.
  • Zilargo’s gnomes maintained neutrality by claiming to support a united Galifar even as the Last War raged, but declared themselves allies of Breland not long before the end; Brelish support ensured their formal independence.

Other nations simply broke away from the control of the Five Nations for political reasons:

  • Droaam, ruled by the three hag sisters named in legend as the Daughters of Sora Kell and inhabited by intelligent monsters of all kinds, is not recognised as independent – but neither can Breland exercise control over such a dangerous territory.
  • The Demon Wastes have never been ruled in fact by any civilised power, though Aundair once claimed possession of the region on paper as part of Galifar.
  • The Eldeen Reaches declared their independence from Aundair during the Last War, and maintain it only with the protection of the powerful druidic order known as the Wardens of the Wood.
  • The islands of the Lhazaar Principalities enjoyed de facto independence even during the height of Galifar’s power.
  • Q’Barra is a relatively lawless territory, now inhabited by several different colonies of exiles from the civilised heartlands of Galifar as well as tribes of reptilian natives.
  • The Shadow Marches had always been distant from the theoretical authority of Breland, and the economic influence of House Tharashk ensured that authority remained theoretical until the end of the war – and the claims of Droaam – made it official.

Geography of Khorvaire

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