Day of Mourning

The Day of Mourning is the name given to the unexplained magical devastation of the nation of Cyre, four years ago.

Survivors of the Mourning tell contradictory tales about the events of that day, but some general truths obtain. The primary fact of the event is that a mysterious, dead-grey mist arose in the heart of the nation, expanding outward to the precise borders of the nation as they stood on that day before they stopped.

Everything the mist touched was changed. Inside the borders of Cyre, now known as the Mournland, thousands of inexplicable magical phenomena exist. Entire battlefields are populated with dead soldiers who look to have fallen only moments ago, their wounds still fresh but their corpses never draining of blood. Strange living spells roam the Mournland, magical effects given permanent form and a kind of bizarre animal intelligence. The soil and stones of an entire plateau have been baked into a sheet of glass.

The Mournland is a dangerous place. Living creatures find it nearly impossible to recover fully from their injuries while within the borders of the mists. Besides the threat of living spells, more dangerous creatures – some remnants of the war, others which seem to have appeared since the disaster – roam the wasteland. Tales are told of strange warforged communities – the construct race is less hampered by the effects of the Mournland on living beings, and rumours say the sinister Lord of Blades rules a growing army from a stronghold deep within the ruins of Cyre.

Day of Mourning

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