The Jewel of Galifar.

Of the Five Nations which made up the Kingdom of Galifar before the Last War, Cyre was said to be the most beautiful. Cyre was the cultural heart of the kingdom, producing many of the greatest examples of art, music, and theatre.

During the Last War, much of Cyre’s beauty was destroyed as its lands became the primary battlefields of the war. Then came the final deathblow: four years ago, in an event remembered as the Day of Mourning, Cyre was devastated in an unexplained magical cataclysm.

The strange disaster only engulfed the borders of Cyre as they were on that day, leaving everywhere else (including Cyran territory captured by other nations) untouched. Regardless, that terrible event was the beginning of the end of the war, and the Treaty of Thronehold signed two years later brought a fragile peace to the continent of Khorvaire.


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