Shal Antari, Daughter of Lies

Shal Antari was a famous Cyran artificer during the Last War. She was exposed as a spy for Karrnath, fled the country, and has not been seen since.


Shal Antari was once a beloved hero of Cyre, famous for her talents in artifice. She developed many of the techniques which enabled rapid production of arms and armour for the Cyran armies, and even produced a few magical weapons and devices which left House Cannith’s offerings in the shade. Antari was feted in court circles for her prowess but also won the affection of the ordinary people of Cyre.

All of this changed overnight when documents recovered from a raid on a Karrnathi military outpost revealed that Antari had been communicating secret information to the agents of King Kaius III for some time. Not only had Antari passed on copies of her own research notes, allowing Karrnathi artificers to duplicate her advancements, she had even communicated information about troop movements which allowed Karrnathi forces to neutralise any advantage Cyrans might have gained by stealth or surprise.

Naturally, Antari fled Cyre, mere minutes ahead of elite Cyran soldiers sent to capture her and an angry mob of private citizens who felt betrayed by a woman they had believed a true patriot. Unfortunately for Cyre, she managed to reach the safety of Karrnathi encampments and escaped justice. She has not been seen in public since.

Almost two years later, Cyre was destroyed on the Day of Mourning.

Shal Antari, Daughter of Lies

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